World Of Warcraft

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Said by Dan 2 years ago

So as a Warrior you will be utilising your amazing mobility often with charge as this is the easiest rage gen, which is why chain pulling is super affective, they also have a cool aura now which allows anyone within so many yards heal for like 5% of damage dealt, but I believe that is a talent, anyway, charge in and you just like, hit that shield slam, hit that on cd whenever possible, now to the more nitty gritty "mechanics", ignore pain allows you to spend rage to gain a big absorption shield, this is great for say, 5 mans and some low end M+ 5 mans, but when the stuff swings for a lot, it can cause your amazing absorb to be like, Hey... I absorbed an attack, that's it. So that honestly is one of the worst things, also as absorbing damage isn't the same as taking damage, you don't gain rage for being hit so you then have no rage left for shield block or your other abilities, but however if you've got a good healer you are usually fine, a lot of the stuff is "use on cooldown" when you look around and that kinda takes away the fun of say someone who wants a more reaction based tank and leaves you with a boring, use this, wait for something to flash etc. Their survivability with a group is fine, they take more damage than other plate tanks is the issue which kinda sucks. I don't have many things nice to say about them at the moment, blizzard tweeked them since the start of the expansion when they were amazing and now they are lowest rated alongside demon hunter but for very different reasons.

Said by Dan 2 years ago

Like how you can have aoe downtime on a demon hunter which makes picking up packs of adds difficult at times, warriors require you to constantly be chain pulling to generate rage, and their main mechanic "ignore pain" causes you to not generate rage so it leaves you stranded, how guardian druids are walk in and hit your keyboard then hit frenzied regen and heal everything you just took while having a massive health pool, how brewmasters can avoid some auto attack based mechanics but can die quick if you are bad, how paladins are just eh, average, they have pretty lights though and then how death knights annoy me and how much they heal since the buffs they got, but on the flipside can be squishy as heck if you manage cooldowns wrong

Said by Dan 2 years ago

Brewmaster monk is best raid tank atm, mistweaver monk is best single target healer, windwalker monk is one stronk multi target dps

Said by Raine 2 years ago

Speaking of Blizzard, and off-topic onto World of Warcraft, that was sweet of them. Thinking about getting back into Legion (DAMN YOU DAN), sent them a customer support ticket asking if they still did that old Scroll of Ressurection thing they used to do for old players , since my account hasn't been active since 2015. Unfortunately they don't, but they gifted me a free week of playtime to give the new game a check out. Good to see their customer service is still sweet.