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Said by Noctide 3 months ago

There's been a couple popular fan theories on the last couple of episodes, I don't know if you guys have heard. The first is that Bran had something to do with Jon getting out of the frozen lake - there's a brief moment when the wolf on his sword flashes before he lifts himself out. The second, is that Bran is the Night King. I can't remember the full details, parts of it are farfetched, but other parts are pretty damn plausible.

Said by GloriousBeaver 3 months ago

I feel so let down at this point. My desire to see things play out has lessened to an extent. I was with it up until the last episode. The dip in writing was ignorable for me until that last episode. Dany has become too hostile, in my opinion, too. It's not her. She's not a violent person. She keeps lashing out at Tyrion and it feels non-genuine. I get that she's pissed that his plans failed and that he is a Lannister and she suspects that his loyalties are conflicted, but she should be well aware by now that his loyalties are to her. He's proven himself time and again.

Said by BrinkFragrance 3 months ago

For me one of the best examples is American Horror Story. I don't think it's an amazing show, even though I liked some of the things they tried with it in the first couple of seasons. But season 3 - didn't do jack for me. Nothing scared me, nothing interested me, it was just a drama season with some witchcraft. But I know some people loved it. It's all about what best gets your heart racing, what makes you think over and over about something you don't really want to.