Slime Rancher

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Said by Zoey 1 month ago

Playing Slime Rancher, I was hoping for another time wasting farming sim like Stardew valley. Which isn't a bad thing, I spent hours upon hours in Stardew, around 300 last I checked. But Slime Rancher was so much more. At first things looked as I expected, a small lot, a basic overworld, but as I dug deeper I found giant slimes and mysterious locked doors. And I don't wish to spoil but, the world was so beautiful, so deep, that I found myself adventuring more than I spent farming. The one thing on my farm were some basic combinations of slimes for the money needed to get upgrades, the rest of the farm was food. And while I loved the game, I had no interest in the monotony of farming because every time I sat down to do it, I'd realise a solution to a puzzle, or a place on the map not yet seen, and I'd be off again. I think Slime Rancher tried to be two different games. I'm still not sure if thats a good thing or not, but I know from my perspective, I reached the end of the game, having found all the little bits of lore I could, and then I was done. I was not compelled to go back to my farm. The world was explored, the mail read, the little notes found and explored, the rarest slimes found. There was all the research and crafting to be done but none of it led to new areas, it was all for the sake of making the exploration easier, which is what I loved most in the game. Why would I invest hours to get a teleporter, when I loved the walking more than anything else in the game. Stardew Valley kept the game monotonous, and because if it I spent more hours in that game. As they say, the brightest flame burns out the fastest, and thats exactly what happened with Slime Rancher. An amazing game of beautiful adventure and colour that I'd recommend to anyone who loves rich stories in games, just be prepared that it might not be the farming sim you were hoping for.