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Said by Jason 1 year ago

And you must recite the prayer. Our Nova who art in cyber space Hallowed be thy name Thy sparkus come Thy sparkus done On Earth as it is on Halo Give us this day our daily games And lead us not into memes For yours is the hammer and wammer and the spammer-jammer forever Amen

Said by Jason 1 year ago

Meanwhile, William is oh so happy to introduce his mini me. Oh yes, this is mini Wi...Richard. Mini Richard. He's me but little. Isn't it great? Just look at him. Say hi, Mini-Richard! (William picks up mini-me's arm and makes it wave.)

Said by Crimson Draebles 1 year ago

The room is dark, save where the candles create golden pools of light. The incense from worship lingers in the air, and the only sounds are the quiet murmurings of the penitent and the soft shuffle of slippers on the stone floor. A tall figure, heavily draped and hooded, slips into the confessional. "Forgive me, Father Nova, for I have sinned. It has been one hour since my last confession." there is a brief, heavy silence, and then the reply comes from the screen, a voice of compassion and sadness, of forgiveness and infinite patience, and just a sexy bit o' British. "Tell me your sins, my child." "Father...I have memed. I memed three times in the last hour. I..I know it is wrong, but they are so funny and I just cannot help myself. Also, they anger Sen so much..." There is a sigh, and it sounds as if the occupant of the other booth is shifting uncomfortably. "My child...we all sin. It is in our nature. We must strive to be better. In penance you must pray three Hail Sparkies, and deposit fifty units of your local currency in the GGC Paypal..." The hooded figure breathes a sigh of relief. That is not so bad. "Yes Father. Thank you." "....and bring me a glass of water."

Said by Noctide 1 year ago

Ardently swirls his cursor around the screen, clicking from point to point, finding his way to the channel creation menu. As he swigs his nearly cold coffee, his winces and instead throws his mug to the side, slamming his fingers down onto the keyboard and entering the name for the new rp channel which would bring joy to many. Suddenly he coughs and dies, and the last hope of an rp channel existing was lost. But his soul lived on within Spark.