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Said by MilitantCow 2 years ago

GGC Guide to PUBG Squad Wins: 1. Have one person drop late/head to the wrong marker 2. Shoot Caleb in the head 3. Don’t give DC a motorbike 4. No really, don’t give him a bike 5. Try to reason with enemies via voice BEFORE shooting at them 6. Get shot at by them 7. Try to rez Riipaa 8. Give up and leave him 9. Go back, shoot Caleb’s body again 10. Remember the circle 11. Try to run 3 miles to the circle while bandaging in the blue 12. Die an agonising death 13. Annoy/distract the remaining member of the squad 14. If they win, claim it was a great team effort 15. If they lose, say it was all their fault

Said by Vivian 2 years ago

PUBG won't "die" perse. It'll still have a large userbase for a long time to come. It's still an enjoyable game at it's core and offers much more than just being a "twitch hype game". But you can expect it's userbase to fall, it's inevitable due to the sheer size of it. It's the difference between the "death" of a game, and it no longer being the current thing (but still being pretty large userbase-wise).