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Said by Rosie 2 years ago

Here are my two cents, as a mother of two sons, both of whom would fit "societal defined gender norms" and not. I teach them to be accepting of others, by accepting their likes and dislikes and interests as they are. I don't assign gender to their interests. And thankfully we live in an area where a lot of parents also are rather progressive in that thought process where a color is a color, and not gender-specific. If I were to force them to "not like pink" because "it's a girl's color", or tell them they can't choose x thing because it's feminine, and they're a boy, it teaches them that _this is not okay_, and so when they see other boys doing things that you've taught them _is not okay_, they will not be accepting of that child. And then in turn CAN become bullies themselves. Children look to their parents for behavior modeling. If you model that you can't be accepting of things due to gender norms, then they in turn do the same to others.