Halo 5

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Said by NuggetMan 5 months ago

Halo 5's multiplayer was really great. High mobility, tons of weapons, vehicles, and customizations. The Warzone game type allowed for big battles, close finishes, and a really good mix of PvP and PvE that they continually refined with free DLC and patches. I easily played it for a full year, but towards the end they ran out of ways to continue the game's longevity. Halo 5's campaign was an insufferable waste of space. -The storyline was hyped up with tons of lore and then pooped out on a paper plate. It delivered on none of the promise, was pumped full of filler, and continued to insult the original trilogy -Level design pandered mostly to the silly gameplay additions which made more sense in multiplayer than singleplayer -Enemies were okay. The new enemies are pretty shitty compared to the flood, and like everything else seemed to be more about style than substance