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Said by Vivian 3 weeks ago

PUBG won't "die" perse. It'll still have a large userbase for a long time to come. It's still an enjoyable game at it's core and offers much more than just being a "twitch hype game". But you can expect it's userbase to fall, it's inevitable due to the sheer size of it. It's the difference between the "death" of a game, and it no longer being the current thing (but still being pretty large userbase-wise).

Said by audio 2 months ago

Here's my cliff notes version without seeing the video: The Fallen are basically The Covenant The Hive are basically The Flood without mimicking properties The Taken are basically The Flood's mimicking properties The Cabal are Brutes The Vex are Sentinals/guilty spark You are Master Chief. Your Ghost is Cortana. The Traveller is just a lot of Halos put together so it's a sphere instead of a ring. There is no such thing as Destiny, you are a pvp warrior in a world of no death. There's actually a lot of story but you'll only remember a few Nathan Fillion lines.

Said by audio 3 months ago

I highly recommend it so far, having beaten 9/10 bosses I've faced. I think one of its strengths is that every time you replay a boss or stage, enemies have the same patterns but may go in a different order. It makes things seem more about dodging and planning and quick timing than rote memory, which can be fun but annoying

Said by DesignerDave 3 months ago

Having spent more time with Dos2, I will now say that while I do enjoy some aspects of inventory management, there are a couple of really irritating flaws in their design. Namely that inventory and character selection are two separate things, so the character acting upon an item when you right click on it can easily be misunderstood. e.g. you right click on an item in Character 3's inventory, hit eat, but character 2 eats it because they were selected. The subtle silver border of a selected character doesn't do much to help the situation. They also have characters able to share items across any distance via "magic pockets." It's almost like they're saying "yeah, that was just one step too far so we're cheating for you." That's fine I guess, but puts the whole system in this sort of in-between state of "realistic individual character inventories" and "whatever works best." My greatest annoyance is preparing to sell things though, as I have to drag every item I want to sell (or potentially sell) to my barter character, and if I realize a gem or something I want to sell is on another character, I have to cancel out the whole transaction and start over. If you have the magic pockets, let any character do the transaction and pull items from any inventory. This is inconsistent with what they set up and arbitrarily frustrating since the characters are right next to each other... Next to each other, can't move items freely across inventory... Miles apart, you can cause "magic pockets." Annnnnnoooooying...

Said by audio 4 months ago

Speaking as someone who inhaled vanilla Destiny 1 and choked on it soon after it ran out of content (pretty quickly), then jumped back in for Destiny 2 knowing I was in for more of the same but with a ton more to do......It's weird for me to be defending it so quickly. But I think it's hard for some people to actually grasp what the game is intending to do. Destiny was never about this complex and nuanced gameplay experience. It was about putting a fairly accessible, proven toolset in users' hands, with the ability to mold the experience to their liking. Some people just love travelling the planets and grinding for materials. Some people thrive on 4v4 matchmaking. Some people like longer strikes with challenges. Some people like extending the lore. Destiny was never about providing a dark souls-esque challenge, it was about providing an extremely well-produced experience that was adaptable. And truly was never about more than it seemed to be.

Said by Noctide 4 months ago

Rubbish, your next holiday is the launch day of Destiny 2 on PC @MilitantCow. And if it's not a holiday, then it's definitely a resurgence of man flu.

Said by Vivian 4 months ago

I can heavily recommend FF14, at it's base it's a really well made MMO, although you can essentially play it as mostly a Single player RPG as well if you wish, the main story the game has is pretty good, in my opinion. Also for me personally, another thing that keeps me in the game is all the "ff fanservice" they do. Remastered tracks of old games integrated into encounters, references to old games. It hits me pretty hard with nostalgia, so if you're a die hard ff fan, that aspect might speak to you as well. It does stick more to the "hotbar MMO" style a lot of people aren't fond of anymore, however, so if that's a dealbreaker to you, then it's something to keep in mind.

Said by Florestina the Gmaer 4 months ago

So as a Warrior you will be utilising your amazing mobility often with charge as this is the easiest rage gen, which is why chain pulling is super affective, they also have a cool aura now which allows anyone within so many yards heal for like 5% of damage dealt, but I believe that is a talent, anyway, charge in and you just like, hit that shield slam, hit that on cd whenever possible, now to the more nitty gritty "mechanics", ignore pain allows you to spend rage to gain a big absorption shield, this is great for say, 5 mans and some low end M+ 5 mans, but when the stuff swings for a lot, it can cause your amazing absorb to be like, Hey... I absorbed an attack, that's it. So that honestly is one of the worst things, also as absorbing damage isn't the same as taking damage, you don't gain rage for being hit so you then have no rage left for shield block or your other abilities, but however if you've got a good healer you are usually fine, a lot of the stuff is "use on cooldown" when you look around and that kinda takes away the fun of say someone who wants a more reaction based tank and leaves you with a boring, use this, wait for something to flash etc. Their survivability with a group is fine, they take more damage than other plate tanks is the issue which kinda sucks. I don't have many things nice to say about them at the moment, blizzard tweeked them since the start of the expansion when they were amazing and now they are lowest rated alongside demon hunter but for very different reasons.

Said by Florestina the Gmaer 4 months ago

Like how you can have aoe downtime on a demon hunter which makes picking up packs of adds difficult at times, warriors require you to constantly be chain pulling to generate rage, and their main mechanic "ignore pain" causes you to not generate rage so it leaves you stranded, how guardian druids are walk in and hit your keyboard then hit frenzied regen and heal everything you just took while having a massive health pool, how brewmasters can avoid some auto attack based mechanics but can die quick if you are bad, how paladins are just eh, average, they have pretty lights though and then how death knights annoy me and how much they heal since the buffs they got, but on the flipside can be squishy as heck if you manage cooldowns wrong

Said by Florestina the Gmaer 4 months ago

Brewmaster monk is best raid tank atm, mistweaver monk is best single target healer, windwalker monk is one stronk multi target dps

Said by Vivian 4 months ago

It's a nerf without making it a pain in the ass to use. Using the old DM system would make it a fraction as useful as it is now, and make dva a more frustrating player to play. She was honestly not great at all pre-dm change.

Said by Genriu Keeper 4 months ago

What I don't totally get about the changes being discussed right now is with D.Va. I can get reducing the shield charge, but they're keeping the same recharge time, which makes me feel like it would be better to just put it back where it was when it just went on cooldown, but couldn't be cancelled....

Said by Vivian 4 months ago

I'd personally give it a longer range channel sort of ability, with her current movement. but a RATHER obvious beam, maybe green ro some such. like her current beams. So you can sure as fuck see what's happening and what she's doing on the other team, but as mercy you can angle yourself into a safe spot to do it

Said by Rosie 4 months ago

I mean she doesn't get to move as she resses, and it's a few seconds of just standing there waiting to be head shot -- sending her in as a suicide mission to res one person isn't a fair tradeoff, imo, and the cooldown is long enough that I think it's fair to let her live the res

Said by falcorz 4 months ago

I'd highly recommend Guild Wars 2 as it's pretty chill for just jumping on and doing a bit of world exploration/questing with limited time. Not to mention the base game is free (with restrictions), there's no monthly subscription and there's a new expansion being released 22nd September.

Said by DraeseCake 4 months ago

Unless my life also came with infinite lives and/or plot armor, I think any of the zombie titles would be pretty horrific. Being torn apart by zombies is pretty much one of the worst ways to go, in my opinion....overshadowed only by the possibility of becoming a zombie myself. That being said, if I could have epic plot armor, or know I could "come back" and restart a level, Left 4 Dead would be a pretty epic world to live in.

Said by Vivian 5 months ago

Nah Ty, shitting on people for thier platform is a bit ridiculous imo. You can debate the differences between console and PC (and the downfalls of each) without it being essentially immature bickering. I just wish both platforms had more options game-wise to them. exclusives do bother and annoy me a lot, and i do understand there is definitely development side issues forcing that exclusivity, but... Just imagine man. A world with incredible game choice for all platforms, without sacrificing the game for the hardware differences.

Said by audio 5 months ago

Vi that's one of those things that bugs the crap out of me, because I fall into both the "I agree" and "I disagree" sides of that argument. Last console generation, I sort of am glad I got the Wii for Skyward Sword but other than that it basically gained dust for like 3-4 years. And I got a PS3 which I used religiously for a year or two, and eventually just let it do the same. But I will never regret playing the Uncharted games, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Skyward Sword, Shadow/Ico collection

Said by Noctide 5 months ago

Basically the premise of the typical western rpg (with a few exceptions). Make it open world, fill it with a ton of distractions and diversions because it looks good on our marketing to say that we have 200 hours of content, all at the cost of the actual story.

Said by Vivian 5 months ago

Due to shields, you can observe and figure out most enemies in dark souls. Knowledge is the strongest thing in that game, once you know how enemies move, what they do and such. You'll find the game much easier than running into an enemy with zero knowledge of them. That's why blind runs of it are way more difficult than ones where you know the game.

Said by SwiftRedVox 5 months ago

It's something you don't have to do but it can give you a clear advantage if you're good at it. Tends to impact your skill level a fair bit. Same with lesser known mechanics like stacking and pulling. You only need to at higher skills levels. Personally I like it and the way it give a few more options, especially when making snap decisions ("should I starve them of xp or get that bit of gold to buy X from the side shop?"). Also lets you use some interesting skills like Lich's sacrifice ability to eat your own creeps for mana/denial, or Doom's to absorb their abilities.

Said by MilitantCow 5 months ago

Small group of rogue bandits stop dead as a confused party of 32 source hunters emerge over the hill, and in a chaotic bloodbath of fire, electricity, friendly fire, and backstabs, overrun the encampment...

Said by DesignerDave 5 months ago

People who like CCGs in general have much better options. That's my point. They're jumping into a crowded arena, with a lackluster IP that doesn't have a fan group beyond DOTA players...

Said by Vivian 5 months ago

Then i think everyones being written off too rashly, honestly. People are deciding the game is a failure without much information to go on at all, which i think is frankly a bit ridiclous. Just sit back and let the game be released, trust that the devs have an inkling of a clue what they're doing, and if it's still a flop, then criticize. 🤷