Final Fantasy XIV

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Said by Vivian 2 years ago

I can heavily recommend FF14, at it's base it's a really well made MMO, although you can essentially play it as mostly a Single player RPG as well if you wish, the main story the game has is pretty good, in my opinion. Also for me personally, another thing that keeps me in the game is all the "ff fanservice" they do. Remastered tracks of old games integrated into encounters, references to old games. It hits me pretty hard with nostalgia, so if you're a die hard ff fan, that aspect might speak to you as well. It does stick more to the "hotbar MMO" style a lot of people aren't fond of anymore, however, so if that's a dealbreaker to you, then it's something to keep in mind.

Said by Vivian 2 years ago

There's the true reason moogles aren't endangered in a world filled with deadly monsters. They actually actively hunt and devour them all.