Dungeons And Dragons

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Said by Vivian 2 years ago

Riipaa has decided to play as a wizard in the GGC. And aftrer a long long grind, he's finally able to tap into and learn his 9th level spells... He mulls over the list over and over again, before finally deciding on one he beleives will truly be useful. Looking around the chat is a bit quiet, so he thinks he could give this new spell a trial run. Riipaa takes one deep breath and utters a single word. "Welcome". No sooner than the word leaves his mouth people around him start dropping like flies, the GGC userbase numbers dwindling at a breakneck pace, and in an instant, he is the only one remaining.... "Perhaps Power Word: Kill was a poor choice" He thought to himself.

Said by Jason 2 years ago

Meanwhile, William is oh so happy to introduce his mini me. Oh yes, this is mini Wi...Richard. Mini Richard. He's me but little. Isn't it great? Just look at him. Say hi, Mini-Richard! (William picks up mini-me's arm and makes it wave.)

Said by Vivian 2 years ago

Eh, part of what's needed in D&D im is tailoring your DMing to the players you're DMing for. You can bend the system if you feel it'll make a more enjoyable game to play for the people. It's all being adaptable and figuring out how to help make everyone have a good time, of course!