Divinity Original Sin 2

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Said by DesignerDave 2 years ago

Having spent more time with Dos2, I will now say that while I do enjoy some aspects of inventory management, there are a couple of really irritating flaws in their design. Namely that inventory and character selection are two separate things, so the character acting upon an item when you right click on it can easily be misunderstood. e.g. you right click on an item in Character 3's inventory, hit eat, but character 2 eats it because they were selected. The subtle silver border of a selected character doesn't do much to help the situation. They also have characters able to share items across any distance via "magic pockets." It's almost like they're saying "yeah, that was just one step too far so we're cheating for you." That's fine I guess, but puts the whole system in this sort of in-between state of "realistic individual character inventories" and "whatever works best." My greatest annoyance is preparing to sell things though, as I have to drag every item I want to sell (or potentially sell) to my barter character, and if I realize a gem or something I want to sell is on another character, I have to cancel out the whole transaction and start over. If you have the magic pockets, let any character do the transaction and pull items from any inventory. This is inconsistent with what they set up and arbitrarily frustrating since the characters are right next to each other... Next to each other, can't move items freely across inventory... Miles apart, you can cause "magic pockets." Annnnnnoooooying...

Said by MilitantCow 2 years ago

Small group of rogue bandits stop dead as a confused party of 32 source hunters emerge over the hill, and in a chaotic bloodbath of fire, electricity, friendly fire, and backstabs, overrun the encampment...