Destiny 2

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Said by NuggetMan 1 year ago

Here's my cliff notes version without seeing the video: The Fallen are basically The Covenant The Hive are basically The Flood without mimicking properties The Taken are basically The Flood's mimicking properties The Cabal are Brutes The Vex are Sentinals/guilty spark You are Master Chief. Your Ghost is Cortana. The Traveller is just a lot of Halos put together so it's a sphere instead of a ring. There is no such thing as Destiny, you are a pvp warrior in a world of no death. There's actually a lot of story but you'll only remember a few Nathan Fillion lines.

Said by NuggetMan 1 year ago

Speaking as someone who inhaled vanilla Destiny 1 and choked on it soon after it ran out of content (pretty quickly), then jumped back in for Destiny 2 knowing I was in for more of the same but with a ton more to do......It's weird for me to be defending it so quickly. But I think it's hard for some people to actually grasp what the game is intending to do. Destiny was never about this complex and nuanced gameplay experience. It was about putting a fairly accessible, proven toolset in users' hands, with the ability to mold the experience to their liking. Some people just love travelling the planets and grinding for materials. Some people thrive on 4v4 matchmaking. Some people like longer strikes with challenges. Some people like extending the lore. Destiny was never about providing a dark souls-esque challenge, it was about providing an extremely well-produced experience that was adaptable. And truly was never about more than it seemed to be.

Said by Noctide 1 year ago

Rubbish, your next holiday is the launch day of Destiny 2 on PC @MilitantCow. And if it's not a holiday, then it's definitely a resurgence of man flu.