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Said by ScreamGirlfriend 2 years ago

Stupid tech moment. Transfer of a very large file to multiple places on the secondary hard drive was going slow. Said drive is old and has its problem directories to access, I KNEW it was on the way out but CBA to clone and swap. Seeing 8K and struggles to resume convinced me it was time. 9 hours later New drive doing the same thing. Some soul and internet searching ensues. To make a long process humiliatingly short, this is when I recall that I had set the download limit from unlimited to about 8 megs a sec....except the speed limiter window was in kb/sec, into which I typed 8. Ladies and gentlemen, and this is a widely applicable public service message, check your units carefully before using them for anything significant.

Said by Vivian 2 years ago

A very good site to help one with building a PC is They help you with picking the parts, as they make sure the complete list you end up with is all compatable with each other. They also have some lists of pc builds, but another site I like to point people towards for that is They have a table with increasing price ranges, and balanced PC builds for gaming use. I'd check them both out if you're looking to build your own PC.

Said by Vivian 2 years ago

Yeah, true. Like any purchase that's reasonably large, one just needs to do thier research into the current market and determine which product is the best fit for them. Knowledge trumps all, and knowing what you want, and what you need will make you infinitely more likely to be happy with your purchase in the end.